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NO*Condotti's Birmaoppdrett

Hellig Birma Oppdrett

About us

In June 2011, we got approved our cattery name NO*Condotti's in NRR. The name came from our first birman diCondotti (2010). Animals have always been our greatest interest.  Our breed will just be a small breed, will travel on exhibitions as often as possible.

Our domestic cat Tito was very happy with his new friend diCondotti. In April 2011 we were lucky to get home Amora who came from the same breeding as diCondotti. Daisy came to us in July 2013. Maximus we chose to keep as neuter from Amoras first litter. Athena is our future breeding lady from our own breed. Our Penny came to us unexpectedly,

but fits right in. She is Athena's best friend. Tarzan is from our own breed and I just had to have a male cat after Koda. He is also the only one in this combination who has inherited Amoras deep blue eye color. Our beautiful future breeding male Zeus came to Norway from Germany in June 2019.

We are raising all our cats to be healthy, social, harmonic, birman standard with a great temprament. Where the health of the pus comes first. It is instructive and incredibly fun to get involved in developing and knowing the birch cat. Each one gets as much food and care. It will be adapted for each cat and kitten's needs. They get Royal Canin as the hoof went, but given other varieties (snacks and wet fodder) purchased from the veterinarian. They walk freely together and are a harmonious and lively crowd. Here are the pussies who decide.

"Some things just fill your heart without trying"

Sacred Birman

You are most welcome to contact us if you want to buy a Sacred Birman kitten(s) from us

We want all our cats to stay with us all their life. The cats are considered a family member. If any of them were to get a new home, it was done for the cat's best. Every cat's wealth and being is our first priority. And everyone will have their needs organized.

All our cats receive health checks, worm treatment, and vaccination at the local animal clinic each year.

We have approx. a litter of kittens per year. This is for our breeding ladys to have at least one year break between each litter. But also for the kittens to get as much attention as possible.

We have a facebook group together with my mentor

Siw Røeggen Lødemel (NO*Ped Alba). Here we share information, pictures and video clips of our pus. In the group's "Story" you can see daily pictures and video of them.

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E-mail: ingeborg_03@hotmail.com

Ørsta, Norway

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