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In June 2011, we got approved our cattery name NO*Condotti's. The name came from our first birman diCondotti. We think the name was a god match. Animals have always been our greatest interest.


In June 2010, we got our first felis catus, his name is Tito.


We were lucky to get home Amora in April 2011, which comes from the same cattery as diCondotti. We nicknamed her Alice.


In July 2013, came our Daisy to us. She is our second felis catus. She is lovely, lively and a fun girl.


Our Maximus comes from our own breeding. Mother: CH NO*Ped Alba Amora.


( Read more about our cats, on ther side in menu.)


Everyone goes freely togther and they are harmonic. Our breed will never be a big breed with many cats, but we will travel to shows when we have opportunity to do that. We use good time on them, each one of the cats get as much love and care they need. We are raising all the cats to be social, healthy, kind and with a lovely temper. They will be socialiced with peoples and cats. And they will get a lot of love from their first second :-)


If you are interested in buying a kitten from us, you are welcome to contact us.

We do not sell our kittens over e-mail, but it can be a good first contact.

Vi selger ikke våre kattunger over nett, men det kan ver fin første kontakt.


Welcome to contact us:


Phone: +47 95 83 70 13

E-mail:  ingeborg_03@hotmail.com


Vi er på facebook: NO*Condotti's Hellig Birmaoppdrett


We are member of:


                  *  Sunnmørskatten

                           *  Norske Birmavenner

*  NRR

                  *  Royal Canin     

                                   *  Eukanuba                         

    *  Agria

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