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Sacred Birman in breeding


Zeus vom Perlenmeer DE

Color: SBI c - Lilacpoint

Born: March 11, 2019

Far: Behind Blue Eyes Brownie vom Goldsteinal DE  - SBI b, FIV/FeLV negativ

Mom: Unique Sunflower vom Perlenmeer DE - SBI b

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The world's most beautiful and lovely Zeus vom Perlenmeer has come to Norway. Many thanks to dear Margarete from breed Vom Peerlenmeer for the wonderful job she has done with him and the trust she have shown us, we are eternally grateful. And wish for good contact with her in the future :-)

We have long been looking for a new breeding male. And Margarete from the breed Vom Perlenmeer in Germany expect litter on her beautiful cats. Then we sat us on her waiting list. After lovely Zeus was born, it didn't take long before we reserved him. He instantly charmed us. We are very lucky to have the chance followed him from the beginning and see his development.

June 26, 2019 traveled Siw Røeggen Lødemel from the breed NO*Ped Alba to Berlin and brought Zeus home to Ørsta. Zeus was quiet all the way and was very cuddly on the car ride from Vigra airport to Ørsta. I got to see him, and was completely charmed. More cuddly and sweet boy you have to look long for!

When he came home to Siw he quickly became friends with her 16-week-old female cats. He got to sleep with Siw's daughter Alva and he settled there. Zeus will stay with Siw until he becomes fertile, then he will move to us. We own him in together :)

Zeus has great head shape, great ear placement. Medium fluffy tail. Heavy and powerful body. Silky soft fur and smooth coat with long hair. Lovely profile. The socks are low, but it fits well into our breeding program. He has a completely unique and friendly teprament.

We look forward to follow Zeus further and look forward to his coming offspring in time.


NO*Condotti's Tarzan

Color: SBI b 21 - Chocolate tabby

Born: March 4, 2019

Dad: CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario - SBI b

Mom: CH NO*Ped Alba Amora - SBI n 21

The combination is genetically tested / DNA tested

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We had a great desire to keep a male cat after Amora and Koda since it was their last litter. First and foremost for kos and show. But he will be used in breeding if we or NO*Ped Alba gets new female with other lines.

He's just kind and good. Tolerate everyting. He loves play, but is more than happy to cuddle.


Tarzan is young and in development, so it will be very exciting to follow him further. He will join us on shows.

More information will come later. Read about his first months on his litter page.


NO*Condotti's Athena

Color: SBI b 21 - chocolate tabby

Born: December 1, 2017

Dad: CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario - SBI b

Mom: CH NO*Ped Alba Amora - SBI n 21

Athena is genetically tested

/ DNA - testet

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Our lovely Athena we chose to keep from A Christmas Carol litter 2017. She is similar to her parents. She is similar to her parents. Playful, independent and curious as her mother, with a fantastic temper and strong body like her dad.

Athena has many to play with, but our domestic cat Penny became her best friend. They are both high and low, and prefer sleeping near each other. Athena is as good a hunter as our first birma diCondotti.

Athena participated at Sunnmørskatten's show in class 11, in autumn of 2018. There she got EX1 both days. Great rating of fur, body and total impression. Judge Caroline Stoa commented that this was a great litter. Athena was NOM Saturday by judge Henry Hornell.

Athena is still young and it will be exciting to see her development.


NO*Ped Alba Sofia

Color: SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Born: March 3, 2019

Dad: CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario - SBI b

Mom: CH NO*Ped Alba Winter Princess - SBI n

The combination is genetically tested / DNA tested

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Beautiful Sofia comes from the same breed as Amora. I am very lucky to have followed Sofia right from the start and seen her development. Sofia came to us in June 2019.

Sofia has long fluffy fur that she has inherited from her grandfather Lord Oberon (who is Maximus's father). Deep deep sapphire blue eyes that she has after her mother. She is cuddly as her dad Cinamon Boy of Ontario (Koda).

Sofia is one day older than her half-brother and new best friend Tarzan. They play and enjoying the days together. Very charming as she would be as close as possible to our face to cuddle. She looks a lot up to Athena and happily following after her.

Many thanks to Siw Røeggen Lødemel for another lovely girl <3

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