NO*Condotti's Birmaoppdrett

Sacred Birman


CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario

Color:  SBI b      Born: Februar 3,  2015

Father:  IC S*Ziblora's Ozzie-Zaian - SBI b

Mother:  GIC NO*Citrus Sweet Fairytale - SBI n 21

Blood type: Aa          Nickname: Koda

Neutered: March 7, 2019

On May 8, 2015 we traveled to Skien together with Siw R. Lødemel and brought Koda home to us. We own Koda together with Siw from NO*Ped Alba Sacred Birman breeding.

Koda is a large and powerful boy, who has an amazing good temperament. Beautiful eyes, fur is silky and light. He has an little high sock on on paw. The tail has great form and color. Head and body are fine form.

Koda loves cuddle more than anything and he could lie in our arms for hours.

He cuddles and would like to lie on the lap of everyone he meets. Those who have met Koda, comment that he is a very cozy and kind boyđź’™ Amora and Koda enjoying themselves in each other's company<3

Koda got his Champion title at Sunnmørskattens show 2016

Many thanks to Turid Botten from cattery Av Ontario, for our beloved boy and hospitality :-)

And we also thank Siw for everything she done for us :-)

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Our female:

CH NO*Ped Alba Amora


Color: SBI n 21      Born: January 19, 2011

Father: CH  Shapur Cassanova   -  SBI n 21

Mother:  CH(N)Slettmos My Beautiful Reward

               - SBI n 21

Blodtype: Aa            Kallenavn:  Alice - Amora

Neutered: March 4, 2019

Amora is a playful, very curious, and confident girl. She is a lot of fun. It is impossible not to love her. She's a lot like her father. Amora has a wonderful temper.

Amora have symmetrical and fine socks. She has great tabbymarkings and they are equally. The eye color are deep, deep sapphire blue. She has much much fur and powerful cheak and great profile and dip. The mask is promising.

At her first show on Rosekatten in August 2011, she got EX1 both days and got BIV the first day. Amora participated in Sunnmørskatten show 2013 where she got excellent critics and she also got her Champion title.

Amora's career as a breeding cat is over and she has received her last litter.

She was sterilized on March 4, 2019.

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NO*Condotti's Athena


Color: SBI b 21

Born: December 1, 2017

Father: CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario - SBI b

Mother:  CH NO*Ped Alba Amora  -  SBI n 21

Blodtype: Aa           

We chose to keep our lovely Athena from A Christmas Carol litter 2017. She is similar to her parents. Playful, independent and curious as her mother, with a fantastic temper and strong body like her dad.

Athena has many to play with, but our felis silvestris catus Penny became her best friend. They are both high and low, and preferably sleep near each other. Athena is as good hunter as our first birma diCondotti.

Athena participated at Sunnmørskatten's show in class 11, in autumn of 2018. There she got EX1 both days. Great rating of fur, body and total impression. Judge Caroline Stoa commented that this was a great litter. Athena was NOM Saturday by judge Henry Hornell.

Athena is still young and it will be exciting to see her development.

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PR NO*Condotti's  Maximus


Color:  SBI b 21         Born: 11. januar  2014

Father: NL Of Jekima's Lord Oberon - SBI b


Mother:  CH NO*Ped Alba Amora - SBI n 21

Nickname: Maxi

Our dear sweet and good Maximus is from our own breeding, he is the son of Amora from her first litter. We chose to keep him when he stood out early with a lovely temperament.

Maximus loves cuddle and play, a lot of fun with him. He is very fond of our house cat Daisy, who is as much playmate as second mom to him. When we have litter in the house, Maximus is kind to both care for and play with the little ones :-)

Maximus participated in show at Sunnmørskatten 2016, where he got where he got his Premier title.

He has a fantastic lovely temperament. Big Boy, typical Birman nose, nice head, beautiful eye color. Nice sized ears,a bit high set. Much fur, fluffy and soft. Nice bright color in fur. The tail has wonderful length and color. Head is nice round contour. Maximus is still in development.

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