Litter 2019

NO*Condotti's Birmaoppdrett

Litter 2019



Born: March 4, 2019


Mother: CH NO*Ped Alba Amora - SBI n 21

Father: CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario - SBI b


The litter is chocolate tabby - SBI b 21 ?

Inbreeding of 6 generations: 0,00%


Boy 1


Weight: 265g


Color: SBI b 21 ?


Quality ?

Boy 2


Weight: 204g


Color: SBI b 21 ?


Quality ?

March 19, 2019:


The litter is over 2 weeks and they have opened thir eyes, but is not used to much light yet. They blink their eyes. They have begun to explore the bed they are sleeping in. Boy 1 is a little skeptical about the world and most comfortable close to mom's milk, as we look at his weight😄 He is now at 265g. He trains careful to walk upright. Powerful body construction and round head shape. A lot of fur😻

Boy 2 is like his older brother NO * Condotti's Berlioz - SBI b 21, curious and exploring😸 Same as his big brother he was less in weight at the same age. He is now 204g. But Berlioz showed us that this can turn all around 😅👍 Good in bodybuilding and a lot of fur💙

See new photos of them in albums.


On our facebook group you can watch video of the litter😸


March 11, 2019:


The first week has gone fast. CH NO*Ped Alba Amora is enjoying herself as a mother. I notices that the childish castrate facts come. She has started takes a jog around the dining table, and then goes in to the bed with the children again. She is just wonderful! 😄❤

The boys enjoy themselves and eat. You already see a big difference between them. Boy 1 is a really big-eater and has gained weight throughout 173g. He is very similar to NO*Condotti's Rulle when he was at the same age.

Boy 2 is an active boy. He moves a lot and is very quick to be so small and unsteady. He weight 130g. The weight will probably level more gradually. He sleeps preferably between mom's paws💝 Both are probably chocolate tabby - SBI b 21 and seem to have a lot of fur.

See many new pictures of them in the album.



March 6, 2019:


Monday (March 4, 2019) two lovely birman kittens came to the world💝


The birth was heavy because the first kitten was dead and CH NO*Ped Alba Amora had to have her first caesarean section. Since Amora's career as a breeding cat (queen) is over, together with the veterinarian we agreed that Amora was sterilized at the same time.


Luckily Amora is an experienced mother and cares well for her little ones💝 And Amora enjoys the neuter life💖 It looks like there are two boys💙


The father of the litter is CH Cinamon Boy of Ontario - SBI b.


I am so grateful for the help I received. Many thanks veterinarian Siw Røeggen Lødemel, Elisabeth and Elin who assisted the procedure at Ørsta Volda Dyreklinkk. And to veterinarian Katarina Hovde Rødstøl for information and help over phone💖


You are welcome to contact if you are interested in a Sacred Birman kitten from NO*Condotti's😸


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