Tangled litter 2014

NO*Condotti's Birmaoppdrett

Tangled litter 2014


- Inspired by the Disney movie -

Born: January 11, 2014


Birth weight: 84g, 77g, 80g.


The father of the litter is: of Jekima's Lord Oberon - SBI b


Mother: CH NO*Ped Amora - SBI n 21


Inbreeding: 0,256% at 7 generation


January 11, 2014 CH NO*Ped Alba Amora gave birth to 3 lovely kittens.


Amora is very good with the little ones, and take good care of them. She is thoughtful, kind and good.


See more pictures in gallery and their pedigree.


PR NO*Condotti's Maximus


SBI b 21


NO*Condotti's - Kos / Show



NO*Condotti's Rapunzel


SBI n 21


Sold - Kos


Marit og Håvard, Ørsta



NO*Condotti's Flynn Rider

SBI n 21


Sold - Kos


Trym, Verdal


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