Felis catus

NO*Condotti's Birmaoppdrett

Felis catus - Neuters


Tito  -  HCS as 0922

Born: March 23, 2010

Color: HCS as 0922 Blue silver tabby - white 

Tito is the oldest cat in the house, and he is "the boss", he thinks. He is confident and loves cuddle most of all. His temper are fantastic and he is very, very kind. He is smart, curious and loves food. He loves our Daisy:-)

Tito has been with us at Sunnmørskattens show, where received great critics and he got BEST IN SHOW SH three times.

He was NO.11 on the cat list 2012. 


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     Born:  April 5, 2013

     Color:  Tortie

We were lucky to bring home Daisy in July 2013.

Daisy is a wonderful, funny and lovely girl, who has self-confidence at the top! She is smart and curious, playful and very cuddly. Daisy is loving and caring :-)

She is very good playmate to our NO*Condotti's Maximus. She is as much playmate as second mom to him :-)

We thanks Siw R. Lødemel with family for this girl !

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     Found:  August 27, 2018

                     (12 - 14 weeks)

     Color:  Black with white


     Neutered: April 4, 2019

Penny has a different story and the other cats in NO*Condotti's. I found her in a ditch line in Furene late one evening in August 2018. Then she was about 12-14 weeks old. Nice in fur, searching for contact, hungry and a bit skinny. She received a vaccine, worm cure and health check at Ørsta and Volda Dyreklinkk. And was at this time in quarantine in my bedroom.

When Penny greeted the others, she was not scared at all. Even the boss himself Tito lay down before her, then she was accepted. Tough girl this one😻

Penny is very cozy. She lay as close to my face as possible and preferably with the snout into my mouth or cheek. She is also playful, curious, creative and exploratory.  Favorite toy is a pink playmouse that she takes with her everywhere, and it doesn't look like she's getting too old for it.

She and Athena have become such good friends. Good for Athena's development that she has someone at her own age to play with.

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