NO*Condotti's Birmaoppdrett

Hellig Birma Oppdrett



Birman is a wonderful cat to breed, the cats comes in several color variations. They are both equal and different all together. Varies in coat, size and color. This is basically very interesting. In a previous issue of the NRR Aristocat, it was written about MyCatDNA. A DNA test that could not only tell about any illness, but also the breeding material.

The test was performed by MyCatDNA in Finland. Veterinarian Siw Røeggen Lødemel took the spit samples here at Ørsta Volda Dyreklinkk. Together with NO*Ped Alba we got tested three of our cats. We want to see how this test worked.

All our cats are free from diseases.


Read the results and explanation further down.

To get all the litters that both I and Siw have had, NO*Condotti's Athena - SBI b 21, CH NO*Ped Alba Winter Princess (Eloise) - SBI n and CH Cinamon Boy of Ontario (Koda) - SBI b tested.

Included in the test is NL Of Jekima's Lord Oberon - SBI b, CH NO*Ped Alba diCondotti - SBI n 21, NO*Ped Alba Amora - SBI n 21, CH (N) Delete My Beautiful Reward (Kitzy) - SBI n 21, CH Shapur Cassanova - SBI n 21, IC S*Ziblora's Ozzie-Zaian - SBI b and GIC NO*Citrus Sweet Fairytale and their lines.

Koda we got to see through Athena. But we was very interesting to see what lies in his coat and the color, so he was tested.

diCondotti has the same parents as Amora. We see the result through Athena. Lord Oberon we get through Winter Princess.

The test includes:

- Results for over 40 genetic diseases, reported in terms of known

   relevance to the specific breed evaluated.

- Testing for 20+ traits including blood type, coat colors, coat types,

   and morphology.

- Genetic diversity information for the tested cat, the overall breed

   population, and related breed groups.

Content page for each cat:

- Disorders

- Blood type

- Trait

- Genetic diversity

- Genetic Relationships

- Breeder Tool

Explanation of the rest will come later. New breeding cats will be tested.

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