NO*Condotti's Birmaoppdrett

Hellig Birma Oppdrett


Sacred Birman

CH NO*Ped Alba Amora

Color: SBI n 21 - Sealtabby

Born: January 19, 2011

Dad: CH Shapur Cassanova NO - SBI n 21

Mom: CH (N)Slettmos My Beautiful Reward -

SBI n 21

Neutered - March 4, 2019

The lines are genetically tested / DNA - testet

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Amora is a playful and curious girl. Love cuddling and grooming all the other cats. Amora is agility trained and sitting on command. It is impossible not to be fond of her!

Amora has incredibly beautiful brown tabbymarkings. She has symmetrical and fine socks but low. Lovely spurs. An amazing eye color that is deep, deep sapphire blue. Great body, tail, dip, head and ear placement and "fingerprints" on her ears. Much fur when she is in condition and with a lovely and sweet temperament.

She has got 11 beautiful children divided on 5 litters, and has been a fantastic mom to everyone of them. Careful, playful, good at grooming and cuddling. As much mom as playmate, something I hope she has led on :-)

At her first show on Rosekatten in August 2011, she got EX1 both days and got BIV the first day. Amora participated in Sunnmørskatten show 2013 where she got excellent critics and she also got her Champion title.

Amora's career as a breeding cat is over and has got her last litter. She was sterilized on March 4, 2019.

She will continue to attend the shows :-)

PR NO*Condotti's Maximus

Color: SBI b 21 - Chocolate tabby

Born: January 11, 2014

Dad: Of Jekima's Lord Oberon NL - SBI b

Mom: CH NO*Ped Alba Amora - SBI n 21


The lines are genetically tested / DNA - testet

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Our dear sweet Maximus is from our own breed, he is the son of Amora from her first litter. We chose to keep him when he stood out early with a lovely temperament.

Maximus loves cuddle and playing. Lot of fun with him.
When we have litter in the house, Maximus is kind to both care for and play with the kittens. Purrfact babysitter :-)

Maximus participated in Sunnmørskatten 2016, where he got his Premier (PR) title.

He has a fantastic lovely temperament. Big boy, typical Birman nose, nice head, beautiful eye color. Nice sized ears,a bit high set. Much fur, fluffy and soft. Nice bright color in fur. The tail has wonderful length and color. Head is nice round contour.

Maximus has developed into a great birman, but unfortunately he did not enjoy the exhibition.
So he won't be shows any more.

Domestic cats


Color: HCS as 0922 - Blue Silver tabby

Born: March 23, 2010


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with white

Tito is the oldest cat in the home and is the "boss". He is confident and loves cuddle most of all. Patient with a very unique temprament. Tito can sit and give lab on command. Very intelligent cat !

He is very fond of the other cats. Wash, care and look after them. All the cats follows him, he is calm they are also. He is very fond of Daisy.

Love him <3

Tito has been with us at Sunnmørskattens show, where received great critics and he got BEST IN SHOW SH three times. Tito liked shows well in his youth.

He was NO.11 on the cat list of the year, 2012. 


Color: Tortie

Born: April 5, 2013


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Daisy came to us in July 2013. She is a wonderful, funny and lovely girl. She is active and playful. With nice tortie pattern. She loves playing and especially with laser. A big girl at almost 6 kg. She's a curious girl, who opens doors, drawers and cabinets. Daisy loves to cuddle when she decides for herself. Pellets is one of the best things in the world :-)

At our first two litters she worked as a reserve mom for them. She is best friend with Maximus, they play a lot together.

Thanks to Siw R. Lødemel w / family for this sweet-girl :-)


Color: Black with white

Found: August 27, 2018

Neutered - April 4, 2019

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About 12 to 14 weeks old

Penny has a different story and the other cats in NO*Condotti's. I found her in a ditch line in Furene late one evening in August 2018. Then she was about 12-14 weeks old. Nice in fur, searching for contact, hungry and a bit skinny. She received a vaccine, worm cure and health check at Ørsta and Volda Dyreklinkk. And was at this time in quarantine in my bedroom.

When Penny greeted the others, she was not scared at all. Even the boss himself Tito lay down before her, then she was accepted. Tough girl this one <3

Penny is very cozy. She lay as close to my face as possible and preferably with the snout into my mouth or cheek. She is also playful, curious, creative and exploratory. Favorite toy is a pink playmouse that she takes with her everywhere, and it doesn't look like she's getting too old for it.

She and Athena have become such good friends. Good for Athena's development that she has someone at her own age to play with.


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