Former paw friends

Former paw friends

In a new home

CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario (Koda)

Color: SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Born: February 3, 2015

Dad: IC S*Ziblora's Ozzie-Zaian - SBI b

Mom: GIC NO*Citrus Sweet Fairytale - SBI n 21

Neutered - March 4, 2019

Koda is genetically tested / DNA - testet

Blood type: N/b (Blood type is A, carrier of b)

Our lovely Koda we brought home on May 8, 2015 in together with NO*Ped Alba Birma farming. Koda stayed here with us for his first years. He got many lovely children after him, and five of them are breeding with us and NO*Ped Alba.

Koda is now neutered and moved home to Siw's mother and Werner in Kristiansund. There he enjoys the days with much attention and has the opportunity to go outside. Koda is very adaptable and enjoys the playing with his son Felix. He also livs with Alex (Amoras uncle) and the domestic cat Lurven. Siw and her family often travel to visit him. We'll see him again when we have the opportunity.

Koda has received fantastic feedback for his powerful and muscular body, head and neck. Great head, profile, top and width. Lovely eyes, shape and color. Great set on the ears and size. Nice symmetry. Great pointed color. The tail has nice length and shape. Super fine temprament. General impression is strong, powerful and lovely type !

He became Champion at Sunnmørskatten in 2016 and got very nice criticism. He will continue to join us at shows.

Finally, we would like to thank both Koda and not least his breeder Turid Botten who gave us the opportunity for such a fantastic breeding male and all the help we have received with all litter after Koda. We are forever grateful and still hope for good contact <3

In memory of ...


Color: HCS as 23 - Blue Silver tabby

March 23, 2010 - February 13, 2020


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with white

My dear Tito was a very intelligent, attentive, patient and social cat. Charmed everyone he greeted. He enjoyed his

leadership role and was kind to everyone. Tito gave the other cats several good qualities that they would not have had without him. He gave me so much and opened the doors to a new chapter in my life. It was because he was going to get a friend that I chose Birman that I had long wanted. With the Birman-interest came many new experiences, cats and good friendships.

Tito participated in Sunnmørskatten's shows, where he received a great rating, unanimously BEST IN SHOW (BIS) short-haired domestic cat 3 times. Tito enjoyed shows in his youth. He was praised for his large and heavy body. Strong man. EX head - nicely shaped, nice profile, good neck. "Wow that look". Eyes were fine in shape and expressive. Great ears that sat well. Beautiful pattern, fantastic fur quality, great blue color. Tail in fine proportion to body. Nice ringed tail. Condition was super. And overall impression: Wow, what a cat!

Judging result from judge Karina Bjuran: NR 1 male cat SH - domestic cat with joy!

He was also No. 11 on the Cat List of the Year 2012.

Tito was a big cat of 8kg in his young days, after his last show he was detected HD and ultrasound showed a little big heart. With medication when needed, I had him for many good years. He made a lot out of himself and I notices well that he is gone. But he lives on in many good memories .. Thank you for being a part of my life. Rest now dear Tito, you will never be forgotten!

- you know my heart by heart <3


CH NO*Ped Alba diCondotti

March 9, 2010 - August 2017

Color: SBI n 21 - Sealtabby

Dad: CH Shapur Cassanova NO - SBI n 21

Mom: CH (N)Slettmos My Beautiful Reward - SBI n 21

The lines are genetically tested / DNA - testet


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Our dear CH NO*Ped Alba diCondotti was our first birman and inspiration of our breed. She and our domestic cats Tito became very good friends right away. Our Amora is her sister with the same parents but from another litter.

Cassandra, she was called here at home and loved eating more than anything else. Favorite toy was rope and fly hunting. She was very good at grooming the other cats and loved being brushed herself.

She charmed judges with her bambi-expression and harmonic temprament. She was big in size with a long body and tail. A very special silky-soft coat that I have not yet seen at no other birman except her children and her mother. Lovely tabby marks that the judges always mentioned at the shows. Low socks. Deep deep sapphire blue eyes that she inherited from both parents.

When she was castrated, it turned out that she had cysts on her ovaries. This is not hereditary. But explanation of why she was stressed. Even though she was castrated, she was still very stressed. The diagnosis affects the cats as much as in us humans. She lived with my mother for the last few years of her life. Cassandra lives on in her children My sweet girl <3

Many thanks to breeder Siw Røeggen Lødemel for this lovely girl and the opportunity to become a breeder <3

" Memories are timeless treasure of the heart "

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