Disney litter 2016

Disney litter 2016

- Inspirert av Disney -

NO*Condotti's Lumiére

Born: 29. februar 2016

Mom: CH NO*Ped Alba Amora - SBI n 21

Dad: CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario - SBI b

Color: SBI b 21 - Chocolate tabby

Kos - Sold

Johild w/. family


Inbreeding percentage of 6 generations: 0.00%

The combination is DNA tested for over 40 different hereditary diseases.


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NO*Condotti's Berlioz og NO*Condotti's Lumiére

May 28, 2016:

Lumiere has now moved to his new home. We wish Johild and her family the best of luck with their new family member :-)

We will miss this lovely kitten <3

New pictures of him in his gallery :-)


May 23, 2016:

Lumiere is now 12 weeks old, new pictures of him in his gallery :-)


May 9, 2016:

Lumiere is now 10 weeks. He eats well and go to the toilet. Washes and  cleaning himself. He loves to play, a lot of energy on this boy. His big brother Maximus loves to play with Lumiere :-)

Added new pictures of NO*Condotti's Lumiêre in his gallery :-)


May 7, 2016:

Yesterday we took with us Lumiêre in the studio again, see pictures in gallery.

Thank you Photographer Marta and Marit Lystad :-)


May 2, 2016:

NO*Condotti's Lumiêre was in studio on April 27, 2016. Many thanks to Photographers Marta and Marit Lystad Johansen for great pictures of him. See the photos in his gallery :-)


April 21, 2016:

NO*Condotti's Lumiêre now has a weight of 681 grams. Lumiêre enjoying his time with the other cat, loves to play with their tails :-)


April 19, 2016:

Lumiêre is now 8 weeks and 1 day, big boy. Eats well and is very playful. He gets a lot of attention of all of us on two and four legs :-)

He plays a lot with his brother Maximus from Tangled litter. Maximus plays with him, cuddle, wash and care for him. Amora is a very good mom and have complete control of everything :-)

New pictures of NO*Condotti's Lumiêre in his photo gallery :-)


April 14, 2016:

NO*Condotti's Lumiêre is now reserved. New pictures of him in his gallery :-)


April 5, 2016:

Lumiêre is now five weeks. He eats well and likes to explore, play and climb. New pictures of him in his gallery :-)


March 30, 2016:

Added more pictures of Lumière in his gallery :-)


March 28, 2016:

The kitten is now four weeks old. He has so far as begun to explore and is very cuddly. We have given his name and theme for the litter. His name is NO*Condotti's Lumière - SBI b 21, which means light. Added many new pictures of him in his photo gallery :-)

Lumiére is the first birman in Norway registered with this name <3


March 23,  2016:

New pictures of the kitten in his gallery :-)


March 18, 2016:

The kitten has now opened his eyes. He is an active boy who eats well. He is now two weeks and 4 days old. He is tabby, chocolate or brown. He now has an weight 320g. Amora's really good mom how care and looks after him. Many new pictures of him in his photo gallery :-)


March 7, 2016:

Amora and Koda's little boy grows fast,he is now one week old. He now has a weight of 156 grams. He has inherited mum's sleep-heart and dad's appetite :-)  He seems to be solid. He has a beautiful head and body. New photos of him in his gallery :-)


February 29, 2016:

Last night  CH NO*Ped Alba Amora gave birth for the second time and our stud Cinamon Boy of Ontario (Koda) became a dad for the first time.

Birth weight of the kitten was 85 grams.

Amora is very good mother to her newborn, lucky kitten who get mommy to himself :-)

More information will come. See pictures and pedigree of the kitten by pressing the buttons above here.

Thanks to Siw R. Lødemel and Turid Botten for great tips and help :-)

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