Powershot Litter 2020

Powershot Litter 2020

- Inspired by camera -


Bornt: November 8, 2020

Mom: IC NO*Condotti's Athena - SBI b 21

Dad: Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D SBI c

Color: SBI b 21 and SBI b

(All kittens will carry color dilution because of daddy Zeus )

Inbreeding of 6 generations: 0,00%

Both parents are DNA - testet

NO*Condotti's Mju - Boy 1

Birth weight:  85 g

Color: SBI b 21

Kos / Show - Sold

Ronny, Måløy

NO*Condotti's Ixus - Boy 2

Birth weight:  84 g

Color: SBI b

Kos / Show - Sold

Delilah, Trondheim

February 15, 2021:

Yesterday the kittens were 14 weeks old. They have both moved into new homes and seem to be enjoying their new homes. Incredibly nice to see how adaptable they are. I wish both the kittens and their new owners good luck. Looking forward to updating from you <3

See photos of them in albums and video clips on facebook <3

February 11, 2021:

Almost 14 weeks now and these are my last days with the kittens here in the house <3

As I will miss them. They have become big and determined boys. Mju is something more self-active, Ixus loves attention. They have two completely different types of fur and I look forward to seeing their development. This weekend new owners are coming and it will be an exciting time for the kittens as boss in their own homes <3

See new photos of them in albums and video clips on facebook.

February 2, 2021:

Over 12 weeks and the kittens received vaccination and health check yesterday. It went great. Right on the foodplate when they got home. Slept a lot of yesterday, which is normal after vaccination. Today they are themselves again, playing and have fun :-) See new photos of them in albums and video clips on facebook.

January 27, 2021:

The kittens are 11,5 weeks. They are active and play a lot. Mju is the food-wreck and eats everything. Ixus is a bit more picky, but eats a lot of what he likes. It is still most exciting with Grandma Amora. New photos of them in the album <3

See video clips of them on facebook.

January 25, 2021:

Added some new photos from my phone of the kittens from last week :-)

January 18, 2021:

New pictures of the kittens and dad Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D who babysit yesterday. It was so much fun and I think Zeus understands how much work there is on the mom :-D

January 17, 2021:

Then I finished all the studio pictures of the kittens and they are now posted in their album <3

Today, they are 10 weeks old and make a lot of life in the home. Playing with the other cats in the house. And Grandma Amora is most excited. Dad Zeus has been babysitting today, photos coming <3

January 8, 2021:

See photos from Wednesday when daddy Zeus and uncle Tarzan were babysitting the kittens. Videos on the facebook group :-)

January 4, 2021:

Happy New Year !

Today, the kittens have received a health check and the first vaccine from veterinarian Siw Røeggen Lødemel at Ørsta Volda Animal Clinic. The boys are charming and just curious <3 They explore, play, take care of each other and are very attentive. Come running to me as soon as they see me <3

New photos in their album.

December 28, 2020:

The kittens were 7 weeks yesterday, time goes by fast <3

They begin to develop an adult sleep pattern and the mother has more time for herself. The eye color is changing now and it will be exciting to see how it turns out. Although a sip from mom is still best, but they eat well wet food. Dry food is a bit more boring, but goes down too :-)

See many new photos of them in their album.

December 23, 2020:

Now Christmas is just around the corner. A small update comes in between the last baking here..

The kittens are over 6 weeks old. Plays, explores and eats well. Mom cat enjoys  her time with them and plays at least as much as her children. Athena is a little frustrated that the boys use mom's tail as a playstick :)

Since it's Christmas, I have chosen a personal theme for the litter ..

As some of you know, I grew up in a family of photographers on my father's side. I myself have worked in mini lab's and have photography as a hobby in addition to breeding. Today it is my aunt Photographer Marta Lystad Johansen who runs the studio and the 1st floor is leased to Ørsta Volda Animal Clinic. We still have a frame workshop in the basement and finished frames on the 2nd floor. In Volda, parts of the premises have been rented out to Nauste Grill (fast food) and my dad has an accountant's office on the other part. Photography is still a big part of my everyday life and camera is therefore the theme this time. The litter is named Powershot. Boy 1 has been named Mju (Olympus camera) - SBI b 21 and Boy 2 is named Ixus (Canon) - SBI b <3

Both kittens are reserved <3 <3

It was easy done with pictures with phone today. See many new photos of them in the album.

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope everyone stays healthy🎄

December 14, 2020:

Yesterday the kittens were 5 weeks old. They have started on solid food and it is deliciously good. Boy1 is like his dad and plunged head first into the plate and ate almost everything. His brother is a little nicer about it and would rather eat from my finger, but he eats a lot too. They play a lot now and practice their hunting skills, wash and groom themselves. Mom enjoys the time with them and is strict about washing. Which she thinks was not good enough under today's photos. See many new photos of them in the album and video clips on the facebook group <3

December 6, 2020:

Today the kittens are 4 weeks old. They explore the surroundings, are curious, have a well-developed sense of smell and respond well to sounds. They eat well with good weights, Boy1 - 315g and Boy2 - 356g <3 See many new photos of them in the album.

December 2, 2020:

The kittens are over 3 weeks old and have started to move around. They eat well and sleep a lot. The sense of smell is now well developed and the ear canals are opened and stand straight up. They even learned to grunts as a greeting when Siw was here to visit. Boy1 had got a scratch on his eye when I took the pictures, can happen quickly at this age. See many new photos in the album <3

November 22, 2020:

2 weeks the kittens are today. These are two robust boys who will soon have completely open their eyes. Now you can see that the ear canals have started to open. Although they still do not hear much, they can sense their mom. The sense of smell continues to develop. They gain weight <3

Today's weights are Boy 1 - 136g and Boy 2 - 168g.

November 15, 2020:

The litter is today a week. Due to Athena's long birth, it took time before milk production got on to a good start. This maked Boy1 suddenly weak. The week has gone to hand feeding him. Injection to both the kitten and Athena was given both one and two days by veterinarians. Furthermore with tablet help to Athena. Today the boy finally started to eat himself. I will follow up well further. Boy2 is a food wreck like his father and grandfather. He is big and a lot of life in <3

November 8, 2020:

CH NO*Condotti's Athena - SBI b 21 gave birth to two healthy and vigorous boys of 85g and 84g. They were born on Father's Day (in Norway). It was a long first birth for the mom when a stillborn but well-formed kitten was last. No two births are alike. Our beautiful Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D - SBI c is the father of the litter <3

Thank you so much for the extra hands to help me and good advice <3

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