The Camorra Brothers Litter 2022

The Camorra Brothers  Litter 2022


Born: February 7, 2022

Mom: NO*Ped Alba Sofia - SBI b

Dad: Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D - SBI c

Color: Alle are chocolate point - SBI b

(All kittens will carry color dilution because of daddy Zeus )

Inbreeding of  6 generations: 0,00%

The lines are DNA tested

More information will come..

NO*Condotti's Nino - Boy 1

Birth weight: 84 g

Color: SBI b

Carrier of color dilution


NO*Condotti's Vitiello - Boy 2

Birth weight: 103 g

Color: SBI b

Carrier of dilution gene


NO*Condotti's Cassio - Boy 3

Birth weight: 83 g

Color: SBI b

Carrier of dilution gene


April 21, 2022:

Over 10 weeks already. Nino, Cassio and Vitiello are confident, play a lot with each other and eat everything they are served. If we are to make a small comparison with the last litter of Zeus and Sofia, we can see that this litter is at least as even. They have a lot in common with their older siblings <3

Cassio is calm and cuddly, even though he likes to play. Much similar in both body and behavior to older sister Rosetta.

Vitiello is something between Rosetta and Alexandria. He has a wonderfully beautiful coat and is as playful as he is cuddly. Large in size.

Nino is similar to both Cairo and Alexandria. He is tough and loves attention. Great body with good weight.

Today weights: Vitiello - 1211g, Cassio - 1128g and Nino - 1273g.

See many new photos in albums and video clips on facebook :-)

April 11, 2022:

Today the kittens are 9 weeks old and we took the trip to Photographer Marta Lystad Johansen in her studio. It was both a little scary, but quickly became fun. See all the photos we took in the album and video clips on fb <3

Time goes by way too fast. It has not been a whole week since the last weight control, but today they are:

Nino - 1017g, Vitiello - 993g and Cassio - 922g.

We wish you all a very Happy Easter =)

April 7, 2022:

Yesterday, daddy Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D and Uncle Tarzan were babysitters. It was a little scary and then I mean not for the kittens but for the guys. The kittens think it was so cool with new playmates and used them as toys. But both Zeus and Tarzan are patient and kind so they were happy to be part of the game :-D

There is a lot of socialization with both humans and cats. Food and playing are the highlights of the day. Exploring, hunting and playing. Mom takes life easly and the kids control most things themselves :-)

The kittens' weight yesterday: Nino - 923g, Vitiello - 902g and Cassio - 872g.

See many new photos of them in albums and video clips on facebook.

March 31, 2022:

The weekend and the week have gone to a lot of socialization for the kittens. They have had visits from both large and small. All three are now reserved. NO*Condotti's Nino, Cassio and Vitiello is over 7 weeks.

The mom and the other adult cats have had a spring bath.

They continue to develop their motor skills. Practices hunting, jumping and running. They are active and curious. Both wet food and dry food go down with joy, but a sip of milk from the mother is always good.  Mom takes life in simply, and the kids can do most of the things themselves <3

Today weights: Nino - 785g, Cassio - 740g and Vitiello - 773g.

See new photos in album.

March 25, 2022:

This week's photos were delayed. But now it's time for the kittens to get their names. I was a bit idealess when I choose the theme and name for the litter this time ..

During the "lookdown" in 2020 and further during Sofia and Zeus' first litter, I did read a lot of crime books, among other things. Maifia books and true crime. Otherwise there were many books in different genres .. Something to pass time :-)

Mafia became the inspiration for the theme of this litter. Names and themes are completely random. The litter is named The Camorra Brothers. And the boys' names are: Boy1 - Nino, Boy2 - Vitiello and Boy3 - Cassio <3

A little about them ..

Nino is an outgoing and active guy. As of today, the socks and wedges are fine and symmetrical. Silky soft and smooth coat with long hair. Nice head and sweet expression. Long heavy body with strong bone structure. Daily weight: 622g.

Vitiello big boy with a relaxed temper. He has fluffy big fur. Low on the front socks. Symmetrical fine back socks and wedges. Nice head shape and expression. Strong bone structure. Long and heavy in body. Daily weight: 635g.

Cassio is somewhat more careful, but very playful and cuddly when he has an overview of the surroundings. Low front socks. Round and compact body. Strong and heavy bone structure. Great head and dense fur. Fine wedges. Daily weight: 620g

When this is said, there is not much that separates them <3

See many new photos in albums and video clips on facebook.

March 14, 2022:

The boys are 5 weeks old and they have come out in the fence. Mom was a little stressed at first, but thinks it was great when there was less work on her. They have started on solid food and it is deliciously good. They play a lot with each other and trains on hunting skills and ambush. They wash and groom themselves. Put their legs down more precisely and can avoid obstacles :-)

More information about each kitten will come next time.

Weights today: G1 - 401g, G2 - 403g and G3 - 416g.

See more photos ing their album and video's on facebook.

March 8, 2022:

Yesterday the kittens were 4 weeks old. The interest in playing with each other is now showing and they are starting to become active. The hearing is well developed and the teeth are moving forward. Now they start developing in-depth vision, even though it is over a week left until the vision is fully developed. They were quite tired when we were going to take pictures, but we got to take some before they fell asleep :-)

Video clips on the fb group and new photos in albums.

March 2, 2022:

The little ones are over 3 weeks old and they have all opened their eyes. They are curious and it is extra exciting now that the sense of smell has been developed. They are all some real food wrecks and two of them have scratched each other when looking for their place with their mother. So we had to dripp their eyes. Typical for the age this. The ears are almost straight up, which shows us that the hearing is soon fully developed <3

Yesterday's weights: G1 - 280g, G2 - 296g and G3 - 290g.

See the new photos that is published in their album and video clips on facebook.

February 27, 2022:

New video clips of the kittens on the fb group. Feel free to follow us there for the first update on the kittens and the breed :-)

February 22, 2022:

The litter was 2 weeks yesterday. They have opened their eyes, but are not used to bright light yet. They have started to wander a lot in the cage. All three eat well and are strong in body and round head shapes. Lots of fur on them. They have begun to lift their ears and the ear canals begin to open more and more. They sniff at everything they come across :-)

Today's weights: Boy1 - 211g, Boy2 - 228g and Boy3 - 224g.

February 14, 2022:

Then the kittens is 1 week old today, which went fast. The boys eat well and grow fast. You can see the difference between them in body shape. Biggest boy is long a bit longer in head than the others. But larger in size. The other two are more evenly round and compact in body. Strong and big all with a lot of fur. Sofia enjoys her days with her boys <3

Today's weights are: Boy1 - 136g, Boy2 - 161g and Boy3 - 145g. See new photos of them in the album.

More update will come every week with new pictures of them <3

February 12, 2022:

Late Monday night NO*Ped Alba Sofia - SBI b became a mom again to three boys. The birth went fast and was over in about 2 hours. The first came with the butt first, but Sofia did very well. The boys had nice and normal weights of 84g, 103g and 83g. They are healthy and strong. Mom really enjoys the little ones and takes the job in Birmanstyle <3

Wednesday we had a visit from Siw, where she both got to greet them and help me to shot some photos of them<3

I look forward to spend more time with the litter. Always exciting, 'couse no litters are the same. Interesting and so great to follow the kittens development<3

All kittens in the litter is chocolatepoint. The daddy of the litter is Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D - SBI c.

Thanks to Turid who kept me awake from Skien on tel:-) You get pretty sleepy of getting up several nights in a row.

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