Oliver & Company litter 2013

Oliver & Company kull 2013

- Inspired by Disney / Charles Dickens -


Born: November 25, 2013

Mom: CH NO*Ped Alba diCondotti -

SBI n 21

Dad: Of Jekima's Lord Oberon NL - SBI b

The color of the litter is sealtabby

Inbreeding of 7 generations: 0,256%

The combination is DNA tested for over 40 different hereditary diseases.

Read more about the DNA test in the menu.

NO*Condotti's Oliver

Color: SBI n 21 - Sealtabby

Kos - Sold

Kari Ann - Søvik

NO*Condotti's Rita

Color: SBI n 21 - Sealtabby

Kos - Sold

Halvor, Bergen

NO*Condotti's Jenny

Color: SBI n 21 - Sealtabby

Kos / Show - Sold

Silje, Ørsta

NO*Condotti's Jennifer

Color: SBI n 21 - Sealtabby

Kos - Sold

Marit og Håvard, Ørsta

November 25, 2013, our dear CH NO*Ped Alba diCondotti gave birth to 4 healthy and lovely kittens.

diCondotti did great during birth and thakes motherhood well. She is kind and quickly got into her new role as a mother :-)

Birth weight of the kittens: 90g, 88g, 70g and 85g.

Many thanks to Siw R. Lødemel for loans from Obreon and great help :-)

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