Two good friends litter 2019

To gode venner litter 2019

( Two good friends )

- Inspired by Disney -


Born: March 4, 2019

Mom: CH NO*Ped Alba Amora - SBI n 21

Dad: CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario - SBI b

The color of the litter is chocolate tabby

Inbreeding of 6 generations: 0,00%

The combination is DNA tested for over 40 different hereditary diseases.

Read more about the DNA test in the menu.

NO*Condotti's Tarzan

Weight at 15 weeks: 2150 g

Color: SBI b 21 - Chocolate tabby

Not for sale

Read more about Tarzan under Birman in breeding in the menu.

NO*Condotti's Tantor

Weight at 15 weeks: 2149 g

Color: SBI b 21 - Chocolate tabby

Kos / Show - Sold

Ragnhild, Volda

June 30, 2019:

Tantor had a strong reaction to the vaccine, it has been a heavy week of hand feeding and veterinary visits.

After delivery of Tantor, he had a side effect and strong reaction to the vaccine with vomiting. This led to him being dehydrated and little appetite.

He came home to us and I took him to the vet. She thought it was a reaction to the vaccine. This is something everyone can get,

but very rarely with such a strong reaction. Kittens are more vulnerable as they have not built up the same immune defenses as adult cats. Tantor was hand fed and I kept a 24-hour watch. It was efficient and he happily did not throw up any more after he came here. Tantor was slowly but surely much better and healthy again <3

An extra checks at veterinary Linn, to confirm that his shape was better. At the clinic he was quite exemplary. Purring, cuddled and played. I chose to keep him here until I was absolutely sure he ate and drank water normally again.

Along the way, I had contact with veterinarian Siw Røeggen Lødemel who first examined him and new owner Raghild. In addition, I got advice and help from other breeders since I have never experienced this before. It is rare to get such a powerful reaction. I love indescribably every one of the kittens and think this was scary. Now it is given what is called a live vaccine, it is stronger than before which was dead-vaccine. But the living is much more protective. So I'm going to continue and give this on my own cats. Those illnesses that can come if one does not give the vaccine, can be much much worse reaction.

Luckily it went well for dear Tantor <3 He eats and drinks normally again. He plays, high and low. It is so good to see! Before moving, he became a very good friends with our new member NO*Ped Alba Sofia.

Tantor now lives in my hometown Volda. Where he has settled. He hasn't become a friends with the boss in the house, Bella (cat) yet. But I belive they will soon enough :)

I think it's sad that his new family got such a start, on what should be cozy and great days. But this is not something I could anticipate when he didn't show signs the days I had him before delivery. Luckily, Tantor got well! <3

I will of course follow up on Tantor further. He's got the nickname Milo. It's a little fun because I considered and called him this in the pedigree.

I wish Ragnhild and her family good and lovely days with Milo <3

Finally I would like to thank Ørsta Volda Dyreklinkk who has given us wonderful help. Also the breeders who gave me advice <3

June 19, 2019:

Due to the renewal of the design on Ped Alba's website, I was a little delayed in posting my own photos. Tantor and Tarzan are over 15 weeks. Tantor is reserved and is soon ready for a new home. Tarzan will stay with us. They play and enjoying themselves. The adult cats are happy to play with. They still eat well and have great weights.Tantor has a weight today on 2149g and Tarzan 2150g.They are the litter with the most equal weight I have had.

June 10, 2019:

Today, the kittens are 14 weeks. They are starting to grow big in size now and lot of fur on both of them. Tantor has a lot of personality and has a very unique and good temprament. He is inventive and creative and has a lot of fun ideas. Cuddly and good. Independent. Today's weight is 1931 g.

Tarzan is high and low. He loves food and loves to eat the left overs form the other cats. He is a little mom's boy and prefer together with her. But is independent. Today's weight is 1988 g.

See many new pictures of them in albums and video clips on our fb group.

June 4, 2019:

Today kittens are 3 months exactly (13 weeks yesterday). Big and strong boys. Cuddly and playful. And food is the best.Lovely cat who has a lot to give. Today's weight is1790g.

Tarzan high and low, fits the name. He has a weight today 1817g.

May 28, 2019:

Yesterday, the kittens were 12 weeks. They grow fast and are strong and big, both boys. They plays a lot with each other, typically young males. But are also independent. Some of the funniest is playing with the tails of the adult cats.

We have started on RC Growth and it is absolutely delicious.

Tough Tantor is cuddly and very playful.Very fluffy long and lots of fur. Big in size. Nice head and lots of fur in tail. Show quality. Much personality in Tantor. Today he has a weight of 1655 g.

Tarzan is a little quieter than his brother and plays a lot with his own toys. But are happy to play in teams with the others. Like Tantor, he is heavy in body. But somewhat shorter in length. Tarzan is the only one in this cobination that has inherited the eye color of Amora. A little brighter than Amora's eyes. Compact and long coat. But lies in to the body and not as fluffy as Tantor. Today he has a weight of 1687 g.

New pictures of them in album. See also video clips of them on our fb group.

May 24, 2019:

Today, NO*Condotti's Tantor - SBI b 21 and NO*Condotti's Tarzan - SBI b 21 have been given the first vaccine, health certificate, chip (ID mark) and worm cure by veterinarian Siw Røeggen Lødemel.
Tantor had so much fun exploring. Tarzan sniffed over most of the room we were in.

Thank you so much to Siw and Elisabeth K. Bratteberg for good help. And Siv E. Røed who entertained Tantor who wanted to write in the health book himself.

Tantor weighs 1.59kg and Tarzan weighs 1.61kg.

I have chosen to keep Tarzan in my breed. Tantor is available. Tantor is a lovely kitty with a lot of personality. Playful and cuddly. Fine markings so he can be a show cat.

See photos of them in album.

May 21, 2019:

Today Tantor weighs 1503g and Tarzan weighs 1529g. See pictures of them in albums. See video clips on fb group :)

May 20, 2019:

Today, the kittens are 11 weeks. They grow fast and keep good weights. We had a lot of fun when we took pictures. The kittens were eager and played a lot, both with each other and separately.

May 15, 2019:

A little late with new photos of the kittens, that have now become 10 weeks. They are both independent and eat everything they get. Tantor is really tough and not afraid of anything. Tarzan is right behind, but a little more calm. They have so much fun together.
Today weighs Tantor 1385g and Tarzan 1449g. New pictures of them in album. On our facebook group you can also watch video clips of them

May 14, 2019:

We have DNA tested all of our current and former breeding cats for hereditary diseases and breeding materials. All combinations for all our litters are free of these hereditary diseases. Read about the test under DNA-test in the menu. It may take some time for the update to appear in all browsers.

May 7, 2019:

May 3, we were in the studio at Photographer Marta Lystad Johansen. The kittens had such fun. They got to sniff over most of the studio. Many thanks Marta for the beautiful pictures she took.

Monday the kittens were 9 weeks. Since I did not finished with the studio pictures, no new pictures were taken. But added video clips on facebook.

Tantor and Tarzan are high and low. But they like to cuddle in between.

These two are the heaviest kittens until now in this combination. And has taken the record from big sister NO*Condotti's Tiana - SBI. Tarzan is well on his way to catching up with Tantor too.

Yesterday weights: Tantor - 1163g and Tarzan - 1140g.

April 29, 2019 - 8 weeks:

Warm days the kittens sleep most of the day and and is more playful in the evening. Mom Amora, has good trim where she desperately runs after the kittens to wash them and play with them.

Tarzan has begun to be more like his big brother Lumiére in look. Nice socks and spurs. Round head. Compact and strong body. Very cuddly and loves food. Yes the smallest boy eats most. Weight today is 968.

Tantor is still something between his older siblings Iridessa and Rulle in look. He has a nice head. Nice spurs and socks. Very fluffy long coat and strong body. Loves playing, but can cuddle when he's tired.
Weight today is 998 g.

Both Tantor and Tarzan have taken the record in weight over the heaviest male in this combination, was NO*Condotti's Rulle who had it. And looks like they can catch up with NO*Condotti's Tiana which is still heaviest by her siblings before delivery. She weighed 1066g at 9 weeks.

A lot of personality and expression in both.

See new photos of the kittens in their album. Video clips on our fb group (also in story).

April 23, 2019:

7 weeks has gone fast. The kittens explore, play and eat well. They go well with the other cats. Tantor now weighs 877 g and Tarzan weighs 824 g.

See new photos of them in album and video on facebook.

April 16, 2019:

The kittens were 6 weeks yesterday. They go fine on the toilet without accident and eat well. Mother is frustrated by the fact that they are loud and low, which makes it not as easy to wash them. Today, Tantor weighs 723g and Tarzan 647g.

See many new pictures of them in album and video clips on our fb group.

April 12, 2019:

Added more photos of the kittens in their album.

April 10, 2019 - 5 weeks:

Both kittens eat both weaning dry food and weaning and hills box food. And they also taste water. Tantor looks like a good mix between his older siblings Rulle and Iridessa, both in look and behavior. Tough when he gets started. Loves attention. Tantor weighs 577 g. Tarzan is similar to Berlioz and Athena. He loves to cuddle and will happily sit on my lap or cuddle in my arms. Tarzan weighs 455 g. See new photos of them in album. And video clips on our facebook group (also in group Story).

April 2, 2019:

Added more photos of the kittens in their album.

Today, the kittens tried to taste some water. Tarzan licked it. Tantor was more skeptical, but finally tried.

April 1, 2019:

4 weeks have gone fast and the kittens are playing with each other, eating and exploring. Tantor is a determined young boy, who are more cautious in unfamiliar areas. But there he recognize, he is really tough. He now weighs 439 g.

Tarzan is as curious as ever and not much afraid. Patient boy. He now has sniffed over most areas. When he is tired, it is right in to mum's arms. He now has a weight of 312 g.

They have been playing so much that both have got one on the eye. Today they were sleepy when we took pictures. But got some photos before it was time to sleep.

New pictures of them in the album. See also video clips on our facebook group and group story.

March 28, 2019:

Added some new pictures of the kittens in their album. See the video clips of the kittens in Story on our facebook group.

March 25, 2019:

The litter is three weeks and they have finally been named. Boy 1 has been named Tantor and Boy 2 is named Tarzan. The litter name became To gode venner (two good friends). And inspired by Disney.

Tantor weighs 343g and Tarzan weighs 247g.

Tantor is the first birman in Norway registered with this name. Tarzan has been used before :-)

They play and explore, and mother Amora enjoys the children. They were tired today when we took pictures, so did not get so many. See new pictures of them in albums.

See also videoclips of them on our facebook group.

March 19, 2019:

The litter is over 2 weeks and they have opened thir eyes, but is not used to much light yet.  They blink their eyes. They have begun to explore the bed they are sleeping in. Boy 1 is a little skeptical about the world and most comfortable close to mom's milk, as we look at his weight. He is now at 265g. He trains careful to walk upright. Powerful body construction and round head shape. A lot of fur.

Boy 2 is like his older brother NO * Condotti's Berlioz - SBI b 21, curious and exploring. Same as his big brother he was less in weight at the same age. He is now 204g. But Berlioz showed us that this can turn all around . Good in bodybuilding and a lot of fur.

See new photos of them in albums.

On our facebook group you can watch video of the litter.

March 11, 2019:

The first week has gone fast. CH NO*Ped Alba Amora is enjoying herself as a mother. I notices that the childish castrate facts come. She has started takes a jog around the dining table, and then goes in to the bed with the children again. She is just wonderful!

The boys enjoy themselves and eat. You already see a big difference between them. Boy 1 is a really big-eater and has gained weight throughout 173g. He is very similar to NO*Condotti's Rulle when he was at the same age.

Boy 2 is an active boy. He moves a lot and is very quick to be so small and unsteady. He weight 130g. The weight will probably level more gradually. He sleeps preferably between mom's paws. Both are probably chocolate tabby - SBI b 21 and seem to have a lot of fur.

See many new pictures of them in the album.

March 6, 2019:

Monday (March 4, 2019) two lovely birman kittens came to the world.

The birth was heavy because the first kitten was dead and CH NO*Ped Alba Amora had to have her first caesarean section. Since Amora's career as a breeding cat (queen) is over, together with the veterinarian we agreed that Amora was sterilized at the same time.

Luckily Amora is an experienced mother and cares well for her little ones. And Amora enjoys the neuter life. It looks like there are two boys.

The father of the litter is CH Cinamon Boy of Ontario - SBI b.

I am so grateful for the help I received. Many thanks veterinarian Siw Røeggen Lødemel, Elisabeth and Elin who assisted the procedure at Ørsta Volda Dyreklinkk. And to veterinarian Katarina Hovde Rødstøl for information and help over phone.

You are welcome to contact if you are interested in a Sacred Birman kitten from NO*Condotti's.

Videos and pictures are often posted first on our fb group. See also the group's "Story".

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