Egyptian litter 2020

Egyptian litter 2020


Born: April 30, 2020

Mom: NO*Ped Alba Sofia - SBI b

Dad: Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D - SBI c

Color: Alle are chocolate point - SBI b

(All kittens will carry color dilution because of daddy Zeus )

Inbreeding of  6 generations: 0,00%

The lines are DNA tested

More information will come..

NO*Condotti's Alexandria - Girl 1

Birth weight: 92 g

Color: SBI b

Carrier of color dilution

Kos - Sold

Siv Therese, Trondheim

NO*Condotti's Cairo - Boy 1

Birth weight: 105 g

Color: SBI b

Carrier of dilution gene

Kos / show - Sold

Marit and Håvard, Ørsta

NO*Condotti's Rosetta - Girl 2

Birth weight: 66 g

Color: SBI b

Carrier of dilution gene

Kos - Sold

Ingebjørg og Helge, Malm / Ørsta

August 30, 2020:

NO*Condotti's Alexandria, Cairo and Rosetta are 4 months old today. Rosetta develops very nice fur and head shape. Alexandra has a great body and a charming profile <3

On Friday I visited Cairo and his family. He has become huge and heavy. Came to lie in my lap almost immediately. Very playful and has full control over everything. Many thanks to Marit and Håvard for delicious pizza <3

And many thanks to Ingebjørg and Siv for great photos and video of Rosetta <3

See the photos in albums and video clips on the facebook group :-)

August 22, 2020:

I have sent in a picture of the kittens for a digital show. NBF only Virtual Cat Show (unofficially), organized by Birmans USA. Here the kittens got great feedback and came in the top 10 in the best of the best.

NBF only Virtual Cat Show comments..

Andreas Kretschmer-Kraiczek TICA (GER) about the kittens:
What I really like is that they look very similar, that I think in every breed is very importent. So all of them have a very beautiful shape of their heads, wll fit ears, beautiful expression of all eyes. The color is beautiful for such young age. But what I really like in alle three kittens is the profile. It an romean profile. They got very nice cheek, excellent mouth og very nice kinn. Bautiful kitten coat. Gloves are beautiful.

Brenda Neukircher WCF (ZA) about the kittens:

They are just lovely. Equal in type. Beautiful expressions. And lovely ear placement for age.

See the result in their album and under show in the menu.

August 8, 2020:

Alexandria, Cairo and Rosetta's time with me is now over <3

Rosetta traveled Wednesday. She became the boss of her own home without other animals, but with all the attention to herself.

Cairo thought it was sad when Rosetta left and started screaming after 15 minutes. But yesterday it was his turn to move. He will live in together with NO*Condotti's Jennifer and Rapunzel from my first two litters.

All three have adapted well to their new homes and owners. I have received photos and video with everyone and it is nice to see how adaptable they are. I wish them all the best of luck and looking forward to receiving updates from them <3

Many thanks to Ingebjørg and Helge Ressem for beautiful flowers <3

Mom takes it very well <3 The rest of yesterday went to wash down and the female cats and neutered got a bath :-)

New pictures of them in albums and video clips on facebook <3

August 3, 2020:

New pictures of NO*Condotti's Cairo and Rosetta in album and video clips on facebook :-)

July 31, 2020:

Yesterday the kittens were 13 weeks and 3 months old on the day. On Wednesday I got to greet Alexandria's new owners and yesterday she left. Alexandria is very adaptable and slips right into her new family. It was good to have a whole day with the new owners to be able to provide as much information as possible and get to know each other a little. I was also impressed with how much the kids knew about purebred cats. It is nice to see that buyers are well prepared, several of my buyers have been well prepared <3

Siw (NO*Ped Alba) also stopped by on wednesday and greeted the kittens one last time :-)

I wish Alexandria and her new family lots of love and all well. Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet I received <3

See new photos in album and video on facebook.

July 28, 2020:

The time with the kittens goes fast and now they are in their 13th week. It's soon time to leave. First will be Alexandria and I will greet her new family tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. Cairo and Rosetta's future owners have recently visit us <3

Watch videos of them on facebook.

July 25, 2020:

New photos in album and video clips on facebook.

July 23, 2020:

Today, the kittens have received second vaccines (revaccination) and health certificates. They were very good, made no sound. There were several who got to greet them and they were curious. When they got home it was right at lunch (weaning) and after that they fell asleep <3

Many thanks to veterinarian Linn Anett Hillestad and assistant Sigrid Haram for a great job at Ørsta Volda Dyreklinkk :-)

These 12 weeks have gone fast. This is the most active time in kitten life where learning through playing is the main focus. The kittens learn among other things how to relate to others, security and coziness. Observes the mother and the hunting skills continue to develop. They have now switched to RC Growth for both wet and dry food.

New pictures of the kittens in album and video clips on facebook.

July 21, 2020:

See new photos of the kittens in their album <3

July 18, 2020:

The kittens are 11 weeks old and have taken over the living room. They are social, playful and curious. Mom takes the days calmly because the kittens control themselves for the most part. They are good with eating and have good weights. Rosetta is less in weight than the other two, but normal in relation to her activity level and size. The kittens sleep in peace in the dining room, so they will have peace to get enough sleep. Yesterday morning when I came down Alexandria was missing. I turned everything around but did not find her.. But then I realized that they get into the drawers on the cabinet from behind. And there she had settled down well on the cert ribbon :-) <3

Today weights: Alexandria - 1370 g, Cairo - 1450 g and Rosetta 1070 g.

See new photos of them in their albums and videos on facebook.

July 14, 2020:

Now all the studio photos have been added to the album. There were over 100 in each collection. The kittens were patient and great. Curious about everything in the studio. See the photos in their album <3

Thanks again to Photographer Marta Lystad Johansen for the photos she took and that I got to lend the studio the next day to take more photos of them :-)

July 10, 2020:

Today we took the trip to the studio with the kittens. They were tough, inspecting the whole studio, so I got good exercise. I'll be taking another round soon. The pictures will be posted here on the website when they are finished :-)

See the photo that Photographer Marta Lystad Johansen has shared on facebook. Many thanks to my kind aunt who always who always helps me <3

July 6, 2020:

See new video clip of the kittens on our facebook group. We have had lovely visits by Cairo and Rosetta's future owners several times and look forward to greeting Alexandria's future owners on delivery :-)

July 5, 2020:

New photos of the kittens in their albums. Daddy has been the babysitter today, watch video clips on our facebook group :-)

July 2, 2020:

The kittens are today 9 weeks. They have been greeted by their daddy and it was both exciting and a little scary. The pedigrees have come and I am extra pleased that now the father's DNA blood group is also in the pedigree. I hope NRR does this with all the cats that have been tested in the pedigree eventually. Grandparents on the mother side have been tested, but it did not come in the pedigrees. It is publicly available in the NRR database (MinKatt). See new pictures in albums and video clips on facebook :-)

Cairo and Rosetta are the first Birman in Norway registered with these names. Alexandria has been more popular <3

June 30, 2020:

The kittens are 2 months today, time goes by too fast <3 See new pictures of them in album and video clips on facebook :-)

June 29, 2020:

On Friday, June 26, the kittens received the first vaccine and health check. It was an exciting trip to the animal clinic

and nice with so much attention. Mom Sofia got to join us so breeder and veterinarian Siw Røeggen Lødemel got to see her too <3 Rosetta would like to write in the health book herself :-)

The kittens had no reaction to the vaccine. Some more tired today, but it is common <3

On Saturday I took many new pictures of the kittens. I take in raw format and therefore take some time to convert so many images into jpg files.

The kittens mostly now eat solid food, but enjoying milk from their mother. They continue to learn social rules by observing and testing others.

Rosetta is always the one to meet me first, she is very confident and independent. She is very similar to Zeus in body and head, but has her eye shape from Sofia <3

Alexandria is just after and has a great appetite. She has this from both Zeus and Grandpa Koda (CH Cinamon Boy of Ontario). She is big in size and but is more like her mom in appearance <3

Cairo is something in the middle. He needs some time for change, but then it's okey. He is big in size and I thinks he is similar to his uncle NO*Ped Alba Felix at the same age. He loves attention and kos <3

Today they got to taste Convalescence Support and it was heavenly good :-D

See new photos of them in album and video clips on facebook.

June 21, 2020:

New photos of the kittens in their album :)

June 18, 2020:

Today we were lucky that the new toys had arrived. This was both exciting and a little scary. The girls are tough, Cairo takes the time to observe first. But he also tried and then it was pretty fun.
Ordered a lot of other toys but they will get them when they are a few weeks older.
Mom take life easy, the young ones can handle most things themselves. They continue to develop the motor skills. Practice hunting, jumping and running. They are active and curious. Very cuddly everyone.
There was not much picture taking today when there was too poor lighting conditions. But will soon take new once. They are 7 weeks today and everyone is reserved <3

See video clips on facebook :-)

June 13, 2020:

Added more video clips of the kittens on our facebook group :-)

June 12, 2020:

The kittens were 6 weeks yesterday. Everyone is just like their daddy and grandpa in the food-way, when they got to taste weaning dry food everyone threw himself over the plate. They plays a lot and climbs. All three are very social and thaey come right away when I sit down with them. And they prefer to be on my lap. They now observe more the skills of their mother. They wash and care for themselves and each other. They sleep a lot during this period, which is natural as it is the kitten's way of strengthening the immune system. The kittens have been visited by several people and it was very nice :-)

See new photos of them in albums and video clips on facebook.

June 6, 2020:

NO*Condotti's Cairo, Alexandria and Rosetta were 5 weeks yesterday. Cairo is training to be an "gentleman", following the girls to the toilet. He and Alexandria dominate each other. But the one who is the boss is the smallest girl, Rosetta. They all eat well and goes on the litterbox. We will soon start on dry food. The sight is soon fully developed and then I can bring the kittens in the studio. One should never use flash on the eyes until the sight is develuped. They have started training the hunting skills and start with ambush attacks. They grow and wash themselfs. Puts down their feets more precisely and can avoid obstacles. . Everyone is active and social <3

New plexiglass is in place. It was easy mounted this time. But should be mounted on frame for the next litter. Today, the fine junior toys from Trixie arrived and they received good reception :-)

Today's weights are: Cairo - 495g, Alexandria - 404g and Rosetta - 347g.

New photos of them in albums and video clips on facebook :-)

As you can see from the pictures here is one missing .. It happened what I had feared, the smallest boy (Luxor - Boy 2) passed away on Sunday. I have struggled keeping him with enough nutrition. He came to improvement, played and quickened. But he got suddenly sick and it went so fast that no veterinarian had have the time to come. And there is no guarantee that he would have survived then. Luxor probably had congenital deformation in the liver, so when he started on food the liver was unable to function. It is not hereditary, but can happen.

There is a reason why you do not reserve and register kittens too early, this is one of the reasons. There may appear defects and other things that for some reason makes the cat is not viable (in addition to common causes such as the markings are not clear enough..etc). It is rare.

It is sad to lose someone, especially those who need to be taken extra care of. Luxor charmed and left big traces. Comfort me that he doesn't have to have it that way anymore. Now he rests in Volda between my first Birman diCondotti and Tito <3 He lives on in his siblings <3

(I have taken away his album and the picture on this side. But all the information about him will still be her and the group photos will be there. I save all the information about him myself. He will never be forgotten!)

~ You filled my heart without trying ~

May 28, 2020:

New breeding cats, new themes ..

The interest in Ancient Egypt has always been high on my list. Impressive all the advances they did in astronomy, mathematics, geometry, medicine, construction, writing, paper, board games, make up and pigment ... Yes, almost everything.

The Egyptians believed the cats were mystical beings associated with gods and that they brought good luck and protection. There were two main breeds of cat native, Felis chaus and Felis silvestris lybica. The Egyptians had several deities with cat forms. And it is perhaps natural that they had the first named cat that is documented. He was named Nedjem, which means sweet or pleasant during the regiment of Thutmose III. And the cat Tivali was the favorite cat of Cleopatra. I can write about Ancient Egypt for a long time, but now it's about the kittens..

The theme of NO*Ped Alba Sofia and Zeus vom Pearlenmeer*D's first litter will be Egypt.

The names are: Cairo (boy 1), Alexandria (girl 1), Luxor (boy 2) og Rosetta (girl 2).

The kittens are 4 weeks old today. The sense of smell is now complete. They started to become active and interest in playing with siblings shows no. Curious about the surroundings. This week they develop depth perception, but it is still over a week left

until the eyes are fully developed. The hearing is now well developed and the teeth start to come. They have taste kitten mousse and it was delicious :-)

See also video clips of them on facebook..

May 26, 2020:

The old fence for the kittens did not have another litter in it. So then I had to improvise a temporary one. Watch video of the kittens on our facebook group :-)

May 21, 2020:

It's not easy being the smallest one .. Boy 2 got some scratches on the heads of the two biggest siblings when they ate. This was before they opened their eyes. He had to get antibiotics and the wounds had to be lubricated and cleaned regularly. I got tips on zinc spray and it was very effective. In less than 24 hours, the wounds had become much better. Mom tried to wash him so I had to follow up extra well so he didn't get worse. Now he is finally a lot better and we are on the right track with his weight <3

Everyone has opened their eyes and has started walking around. The ears are soon straightened completely, which means that the ear canals are soon fully opened. They sniff a lot now that the sense of smell is complete. The socks are showing. The spurs are still bright. Everyone is chocolatepoint - SBI b.

They show a lot of personality already, but I will observe them another week before they get their name :-)

See new pictures in albums and video clips on our facebook group.

May 8, 2020:

A hectic but nice week is over. I've had to hand feed the two little ones. But now they happily eat and are on the right way. I still look to them regularly so I'm sure the two biggest ones don't push them away.
A lot of personality in them all and everyone have soon opened their eyes completely. I didn't got on the picture as they still squint at the light. Sofia is very proud of her children and loves the role of being a mom<3

See new photos of them in their album and video clips on our facebook group.

April 30, 2020:

Finally the next generation came and it is a great happiness..

NO*Ped Alba Sofia - SBI b got four beautiful kittens starting at. 05.00 in the morning on April 30. Birth weight is girl 92g, boy 105g, girl 66g and boy 73g ♥ ️ The smallest girl was injected with water and sugar because she was a little weak. And it helped. She gets hand fed and help for the "buffé". The smallest boy is strong and and manages to eat himself ♥
Seems like they've got more food on one side.

Sofia was a great, managed most of it herself. Calm and cuddly through the entire birth. Hope everything goes well with the little ones ♥ ️

The proud father of the litter is Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D - SBI c :-)

A little sleep for my so update comes when I can.

Many thanks to veterinarian Siw Røeggen Lødemel who was quick to help ♥

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